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Best Practices for Nail Implement Care

Nail tools are important investments for your nail business, so proper care of them is imperative. Well-maintained implements make mani-pedi services a smoother experience for techs and clients. So, we gathered some tips that will help you keep your tools in top shape:

Disinfect & Reduce Mineral Buildup

All state boards have sterilization requirements for implements used on multiple clients. Only stainless steel will stand up to the rigors of a continuous sterilization process. Non-stainless implements must be removed from any sterilizing solution promptly and dried carefully to avoid rusting. Know your state’s laws on disinfecting and make sure you are using a system that complies with these laws.

Immersing implements in a glass jar is not recommended as it can dull the tips. Instead, use a disinfectant tray, which will allow implements to lie flat. However, trays are generally made of plastic, which scratches. Over time, these scratches can breed bacteria in places the disinfecting solution cannot reach. It’s a good idea to replace your plastic tray every 3 months.

Due to a mineral build up from your disinfecting liquid and local water, you may see spots on your stainless-steel implements that look like rust. If this occurs, make a paste of baking soda and water, and rub it on the affected areas. Lubricating your implements once a week will prevent minerals from building up in the joint and will promote fluid motion of your tools.

Consider using  Prevention™ HLD8 High Level Disinfectant —a hospital grade, FDA registered tool disinfectant that's non-irritating. The active ingredient, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen after use, which makes this product eco-friendlier choice.


Due to gravity, when an implement is dropped, it will most likely fall on its nose. This usually causes it to bend and create a burr or flat spot on the tip, which isn't always immediately noticeable. This hinders the tool’s performance, as a burr will cause the tips misalign, preventing them from cutting. To help prevent damage from drops, carry them in a protective case or bag.

Service & Replace

Have your nail tools serviced on a regular basis. Trained professionals will assess and sharpen and / or realign them, depending on their condition. You can typically find information about your implement manufacturer’s sharpening service by going to their website.

It's recommended that nail pros replace their implements every 6 to 12 months. Look for a trusted manufacturer who stands behind their tools by offering a lifetime guarantee. Your investment in quality tools will more than pay for itself with superb results and happy clients

Universal Pro Nails offers a large, dependable inventory of quality professional nail products, supplies, and equipment. Dedicated to the success of nail techs, nail salons, and nail tech students, we’re also proud to provide CEU courses, free training, how-to videos, and the latest nail art trends. Shop nail lacquer and mani-pedi collections from CND, OPI, and Gelish alongside certified vegan, cruelty-free brands such as SpaRitual.

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