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7 Ways to Attract Male Mani-Pedi Clients

Men are increasingly receiving manicures and pedicures as part of their grooming routines. After all, nail care isn’t feminine or masculine; it’s neutral and benefits everyone. If you don't normally cater to men, here are seven ideas to get you started:

1. Don't assume that your male client has ever had a pedicure. Before his appointment, advise him on not to wear loose leg pants or shorts.


2. Create a welcoming environment for them. Some salons and nail spas have amenities like large flat-screens, oversized leather chairs, newspapers, and sports magazines. For aromatherapy, consider diffusing woodsy essential oils, such as cedarwood.


3.Train technicians to recognize infections, fungus, and other nail issues. Ask about and, if possible, treat dry, itchy skin, cracked cuticles, and athlete's foot. (Footlogix is an excellent choice for treating common foot conditions such as these.)


4. Men generally like their nails cut straight across and not rounded at the edges. Cutting the nails straight creates a neat, trim appearance and helps prevent ingrown nails.


5. Provide aftercare instructions. Male clients may also be interested in lotions or creams for use on their hands or feet. The disposable nail brush you used during the service makes a good takeaway that will help keep his nails looking their best, as will a natural shine block.


6. Encourage men to book a service by advertising a special day for them, such as “MANicure Mondays.” (This will also inspire some of your female clients to bring in their boyfriends or husbands.)


7. Make the most of SEO in your local advertising. With mobile searches for “spas and salons near me” on the rise, use search terms like, "male manicure near me," and get your business' name and contact information in local directories, such as Google My Business.


If you follow these seven tips to make your manicure and pedicure services appealing to men, you'll easily set your business apart from others nearby.

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