Famous Names – Universal Pro Nails

Repair, Strengthen, & Restore for Healthy-Looking Nails

Famous Names nail products, such as the IBX System and Dadi Oils, were thoughtfully formulated by nail professionals who understand the unique needs of the industry.

Improve nail growth, strengthen the nail plate, and protect nails against polish damage on natural nails.

Create the ultimate foundation layer on natural nails with this flexible, strong over top coating.

Condition and moisturize nails and hands with formulations rich in beneficial ingredients.

This luxurious, highly effective pedicure system offers product formulations that utilize as many natural ingredients from sustainable sources as possible. All products are vegan and contain no parabens or sulfites.

IBX Strengthen & Repair System Meets the Demand for Nail Repair

The IBX System is a 2-step treatment that improves the integrity of the nail plate, encourages repair, and reduces surface-based white spots caused by gel polish removal. It works inside the nail, not on top, penetrating the upper layers of the nail and cross-linking inside the nail itself.

Step 1: Repair
Seals damaged areas, including splits, peeling, and delamination.

Step 2: Strengthen (requires UV/UV LED curing)
Fuses the top layers of the nail together to keep them strong for growth.

IBX Boost Keeps Nails Long & Strong

Excellent for clients with healthy natural nails that aren't as strong as they used to be, the Boost System adds a layer of strength to keep nails long and strong. It can be applied as a natural nail overlay or as a protective coating under other services like gel polish, soak-off enhancements, or hard gels.

Boost offers exceptional self-leveling to minimize buffing, provides a glassy smooth surface, and extends gel polish wear up to 3 weeks!

Dadi Oils & Lotions Restore Moisture

Formulated with bio-similar, organic ingredients that quickly absorb, Dadi lotions and oils, soften and hydrate dry skin, imparting a delicate bouquet of 21 essential oils.

Once clients enjoy Dadi Oils and lotions during your services, they'll want to purchase take-home products to maintain hand care between appointments

Treatment Oils

Created to deliver flexibility and shine to the natural nail, Dadi Oil is a therapeutic blend of organic oils, vitamin E, and aromatic essential oils.

Lotions & Scrub

A skin-nourishing treat for body and hands, Dadi lotions penetrate quickly and boost moisture retention.

CBD Oils & Lotion

Featuring the same luxuriously rich formulations as Dadi Oil and Lotion, CB-Dadi also contains hemp-derived CBD.

Famous Releaf

A fun, luxurious and highly effective pedicure system that is nourishing for the feet and kind to the environment. We are proud to say that all RELEAF product formulations utilize as many natural ingredients from sustainable sources as possible, and we have made every effort to use sustainable packaging. All products are 100% vegan and contain zero parabens and sulfites.

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