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Unlocking the Power of Seasonal Colors in Nail Artistry

By Jan Nordstrom-Arnold, Co-Founder, CND

Each turn of the season brings a change in colors, emotions, and energetic states. The phenomenon of the four seasons is a result of the different positions of the sun towards the earth. The sun is the main source of the earth’s light and has different influences on color and color brightness. As the earth turns, a new palette of color emerges for each season, and personal coloring should be in harmony with these palettes.1

The Seasons’ Energy and Light

Spring starts with a lack of energy after winter, and by slowly heating up, it grows into summer. With this shift, the color palette goes from cool and distant (winter shades) to highly energetic and stimulated (summer’s bright, vibrant shades).

In autumn a vast amount of energy, building up over the summer, explodes and then slowly vanishes over a two- to three-month period. As the light energy diminishes, the color palette goes from warm and sunny summer shades to muted warm autumn colors.

And to complete the cycle, colors fade with lower energy back into the winter palette, depleted of light effects. Spring and autumn have a similar quality of light, but in a reverse orientation – in spring light energy is rising, and in autumn it is falling. Winter and summer are seasons in total opposition. In winter, the earth has the minimum of light energy and in summer it has the maximum.

Knowing the science behind the seasons allows us to apply our creativity to maximize the use of color and design in nail artistry – to complement the season by matching the color energy of the earth at that time – or utilize high contrasts to create the opposite effect.

The Turning Colors

In spring, use green as a base color for balance and harmony. Green is in the center of the light spectrum and represents stability and confidence. Consider how you might want to offset this balance by adding warm accents to go more vibrant and energetic, or with cooler accents to ground the effect of the art.

Summer is the time to maximize one of the longest and most stimulating wavelengths with yellow! It represents energy, optimism, and emotion. Use yellow sparingly, as it can sometimes be overwhelming. Offset the emotion of yellow in intellectual blues or the physical strength of reds.

Choose reds and oranges in autumn that are in harmony with the season’s light energy in the muted or tarnished range, like pumpkin, brick, or raisin. Neutral reds are very physical and powerful; by softening them you bring a feeling of warmth and comfort. Or choose to go with the full power of the color and illuminate it with clean, yellow-based shades to brighten the mood.

In winter, turn to blues and greys to complement the light energy. Blue is the color of the mind and is considered intellectual and logical. Choose a shade of blue that offers what the client needs in that moment. Deeper, darker blues offer great clarity of thought and lighter, softer blues are more meditative and calming. If more energy seems to be needed, add accents of green for balance or yellow for emotion.

For every season, black will add sophistication and white will add clarity to accent and frame any design.

Every turn of the earth, and the concurrent change of light energy, offers an exciting opportunity to create nail artistry with season-specific colors. This empowers us to impact our clients’ mood, energy, and sense of beauty in a positive, powerful way!

As a Nail Professional, curating a vibrant palette of colors and designs for each client visit is paramount. These artistic expressions should be shaped by both the dynamic influences of seasonal color trends and the individual tastes and fashion inclinations of our clients. Begin by delving into the psychology of color, understanding its impact on mood, and then let your creativity flourish, drawing inspiration from the realms of fashion, style, and art.

Embrace seasonal color collections and stay updated with tutorials for innovative approaches to nail design. Capture the essence of your creations through photography and share them on platforms to not only excite existing clients but also attract new ones with refreshing content.

1 Vojko Pogačar, Vera Golob: Colorimetrical Evaluation of Colors in Four-Seasonal Typology, Abstract, University of Maribor, Slovenia.

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