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How to Apply Gelish Soft Gel Tips

Combined with the rapid curing of Gelish Gel, the speed of applying soft gel tips can't be beat. You've never created nails with anything faster than this!


Step 1: Sanitize your client’s hands and nails. Push back the cuticle and clean the nail plate of excess cuticle.

Step 2: Shape the natural nail using a 240/240 thin wooden file.

Step 3: Gently remove the shine using a 100/180 buffer.

Step 4: Cleanse nails with Nail Surface Cleanse and a Wipe It Off Lint-Free Wipe.

Step 5: Sparingly, apply pH Bond Nail Prep to the nail plate.

Measure & Prep Tip

Step 1: Size Soft Gel Tips ensuring a close fit side to side, completely covering the nail grooves.

Step 2: Size tips while applying medium pressure over the nail for actual fit.

Step 3: Size all 10 Soft Gel Tips before beginning application.

Step 4: Prep Soft Gel Tips by applying one coat of Tip Primer to the underside of all 10 Soft Gel Tips.


Step 1: Apply Tip Primer to natural nails.

Step 2: Apply a liberal amount of Soft Gel Tip Adhesive to the Soft Gel Tip contact area (underside of the Soft Gel Tip).

Step 3: Place Soft Gel Tip onto the nail using a rolling motion for bubble-free application. Start firmly from the cuticle area with constant pressure to the free edge. Ensure a close fit side to side, completely covering the nail grooves.

Step 4: If air bubbles are present, remove and reapply with step 2.

Step 5: Flash cure for 5 seconds with the Touch LED Light, holding the Soft Gel Tip in place to maintain seal.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 for all nails.

Step 7: Cure all 5 fingers for 60 seconds in the 18G LED Light.

Shape & Finish

Step 1: Refine free edges using the 180/180 grit file.

Step 2: Gently remove the shine using the 100/180 buffer.

Step 3: Remove the dust using the Nail Surface Cleanse and Wipe It Off Lint-Free Wipes.

Step 4: Choose any Gelish or Morgan Taylor finishing option.


Step 1: Sanitize your client’s hands and nails. Remove lacquer and shorten nail length. If Gelish Gel Polish was used, break top seal by gently roughing the surface with 100/180 grit buffer and remove shine.

Step 2: Saturate a cotton pad or Complete Pro Soak Off Nail Foil Wraps with Artificial Nail Remover. Place onto nail and soak for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Remove foil. Gently remove any remaining gel. Continue to soak if needed.

Step 4: Lightly buff nail surface with a 200/280 buffer. Massage Nourish Cuticle Oil into skin surrounding the nail plate.

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